Blowing the lid off the "WD ALL trading bot" cryptocurrency balance

I am interested in researching the phenomenon of “trading bots” which has recently gone viral in Indonesia. There are several trading bots that have been proven to be scams and some still expected to be able to return to their activities again. At first I thought it would be a little difficult and take a long time, but it doesn’t seem like it will take that long.

Recently I saw a video on YouTube that discusses the withdrawal of investor funds and it displays the name of the broker and “their cryptocurrency wallet” balance. I tried to record what is shown in the video and the screenshot is as follows:

Maxglobal broker: TJDENsfBJs4RFETt1X1W8wMDc8M5XnJhCe => I don’t have any exact information whether this address belongs to a broker or an exchange. But from the number of transactions I think the wallet belong to exchange, not broker.

Then this is the most interesting, a person who posted on the chat platform claims that these wallets are their funds that are still in the broker they use:

This is bullshit! That balance does not belong to that trading bot company nor their broker, the wallet above belongs to the Binance exchange. You should easily find out without doing extra research because the itself clearly tagged the wallet belongs to Binance.

From here I won’t do further research because obviously people who say the wallet belongs to their broker is not true!

Lying to a business partner is fatal. Not meant to scare you who invest your money to this “trading bot”, but please think with your common sense.