New Archlinux Mirror in Indonesia

New archlinux mirror repository in Indonesia and it's Grafana monitoring metrics
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Yesterday, on February 16th, 2023, I made a feature request so that my Arch Linux repository mirror can be added to the official Arch Linux repository. And now it’s already listed on the official Arch Linux mirror page! Yay! Thank you, Anton Hvornum and Arch Linux Mirror Team!

Mirror Information

Location: Indonesia Data Center Duren Tiga (IDC3D) Jakarta, Indonesia (ID)



Bandwidth: 1Gbps

At the time this article was written, synchronizes to the Tier 1 mirror every 2 hours.

To use this mirror, simply add the following configuration to your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist:

1Server =$repo/os/$arch
2Server =$repo/os/$arch

Alternatively, you can use the reflector package (pacman -S reflector) to search and generate the fastest mirror for you. For example:

1reflector --verbose -l 10 -f 10 --sort rate

Public Monitoring

For official mirrors, the Arch Linux website itself provides monitoring that can be accessed at

However, I provide monitoring for the server through Grafana, which can be accessed without having to log in / have an account on my Grafana server.